Thursday, 30 September 2010


Right guys I'm not a bitch, but I found something out the other day! when i first started out modelling like a year & half ago me & my mate organised a fun test shoot she wanted to style me & i said yes & she asked a photographer and we planned it all out! well the shoot from what I remember when really well & the images looked pretty cool etc etc & the day was all fun & laughs woo!

well a year & half later the photographer contacts me again name... "CRAIG FLEMING" asking me to another shoot with a designer up north & he sent a link to the designer! I looked through some of the collection the by my surprise I came across a vest top with my picture on it from the shoot I did a year & half ago!!!!

I then asked the photographer whats going on? & he said hes allowed etc etc etc  & I didn't even sign a form or nothing to let him use my images?! & he sold the print to the shop/ designer to sell? without asking me nothing! & he bags all the money for himself? RUDE FUCKER! not even the stylist, hair & makeup got nothing!

So what shall I do guys? sue him? or let him carry on doing his cheating dirty work? as I just found out from another person that hes been doing to all the shoots with everyone hes doing & taken all the £££ for himself? SELFISH I MUST SAY!!!

Lets hope KARMA kicks him right up his rude,selfish, unprofessional  fucking ass!

check out the vest top below & the image from the test shoot.

styling done by Natalie Green

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  1. If you didn't sign a model release form, then you're well within your rights to pursue a case against him. As would the rest of the team be I guess, well done for having the balls to stand up for yourself and some opinions from people. Adam